Im trying to fix this problem - my pics will be back soon I promise!


Val said...

Aw, too bad about your pictures :( Hope everything is back up soon.

I love your blog, would you like to trade links?

Mariëlle said...

Hey Zanita! Thanks for the comment. I added you to my bloglist ;)

frncs said...

you poor thing!

JESSE said...

upgrade to pro today!

terren said...

hope your pictures are back up soon! but this one works.. this was a really cool shoot with agyness

Hot Bot said...

Oh gosh, I'm a little embarrassed!

Even though I'm fully aware that I wrote that on the Internet, I wasn't really expecting anyone else to actually read it except S-C! HAHAHA.

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad I can see your piccies now, I couldn't wait to comment back to the lovely things that you said which really flattered me!

Your DIY are definitely truly wonderful, I think my favorite are those nifty little shorts, the black studs are super suuuper and they sure do stand out from the denim crowd!

And I just had to add your little green shoes are the cutest shoesies I've seen in a long long time :D


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