Much Better

I cant wait for London!!!



well arent you just glowing! why cant my skin and hair be so healthy and radiant. your look is something amazing zanita

Aava said...

u look SUPER pretty!

Rosanna said...

gorgeous!!! you totally remind me of blake lively...but prettier!

Chic said...

you are gorgeous!

frncs said...

ahh you're too gorgeous

Petra said...

Amazing polaroids! I am so envious of your height, what i'd do for another two inches...

It was such a shock when i opened the new InStyle magazine my mother bought and saw you in it! You look so stunning in it, and i love your boots! So amazing

Lisa said...

i just realized you took down the persols and put up the Karen Walkers (!!!)

i have those in my virtual shopping bag at

i have been thinking about purchasing them for a few weeks ;)
ah i have a mild sunglass obsession too.
we would get along great ;)

i LOVE them.
the roundness is so yummy.

blogger forces unite.
you are so wonderful.
i guess i can't rule out the move completely but for the next few years we will be in cape town!Then we have no idea... maybe back to Canada? or stay here?

hope you are having a beautiful weekend girl.


Andy said...

You are just incredibly beautiful!
I really love your blog, your style! I can't understand why it's the first time i check it out ;)

Check out mine !


Susanna-Cole said...

Wow, I didn't know you were a model! But then again I'm not surprised, always thought you looked like one! :) These are gorgeous Polaroids by the way! <3


Anonymous said...

Your gorgeous love!

Coco said...

Wow you look like Serena van der Woodsen there!

Anonymous said...

spitting image of blake lively. beautiful.

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