More Clouds

So damn cloudy today I'm not inspired to wear any colour. I've been poring over pictures of Kate Lamphear lately so today I've dusted off my tailored jacket I had made in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Its a really nice quality and fits me perfectly but my one regret I have when I was getting it tailored - I wish I made it longer.  The grey ballerina dress is completely Chloe Sevigny inspired, such a great style.
wool blazer, tailored
silk shirt, hussy
boots, vintage
'your french won't save you now' pendant, Stolen Girlfriends Club


Rachel said...

You look amazing as always!

And yay for stolen girlfriends club! I have the tshirt of your pendant.

Anonymous said...

I have become such an avid follower of your blog.
You are such a beauty and have fantastic style and come from little old Perth!!
Keep posting as I love catching up with it every day!
I would love to do a feature of you on my blog very soon.

Susie Q said...

loving that grey dress!!!

Lisa said...

love the style of the dress.
+ love that it is in my favorite color.
you totally outshine. chloe.

i better enjoy the summer now as in 2 weeks time, i will be back home in canada for the holidays.
mucho cold.


Anna Shapiro said...

amazingly awesome blazer!

Anonymous said...

Zanita, I was able to find your blog via Chictopia and I must say, I am so glad that I found it!

This blog is indeed a treasure.

Mind adding me to your list of links?
- Robbin

cleo said...

you look gorgeous:)and i love your jacket!!!lovely:)

helen said...

love this ensemble. you have amazing style :)

where do you like to shop in sydney?

AlicePleasance said...

Love this outfit! The sky's cloudy but you're brightening the day :-) Love Chloe's dress too!

Sunshine said...

I love the Stolen Girlfriend Club pendant!


stylemagnet said...

This is an absolutely fantastic look, my dear!

Bettina said...

Love the blazer and the dress!! HOT! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog and that necklace ;P

Hope you don't mind if I add you to my must read blog list?

Jodes said...

awesome you mentioned,very Kate.

You can never go wrong with a blazer!


laura said...

znita, what breand are your shades?

Zanita said...

ahh laura i forgot to mention where i got them... but i really cant remember... they are only cheap plastic ones... maybe from the markets in glebe/sydney?

Dane said...

I love the blazer! You look gorgeous in the dress, dare i say, better than Chloe even.

ryder said...

runway look. this is great.

Marianne said...

You look like Chloe Sevigny on that last pic!

Marianne said...

ooohh hehehe that IS chloe haha okey id be happy if you delited that comment.. B)

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