Lady Cape

I've had a gorgeous weekend filled with social engagements and not enough sleep. Today is the perfect lazy sunday, probably going to find the time to read in the sun - at the moment I'm into some Anne Rice, and to watch some funny movies with green tea and chocolate. My fabulous friend Resh was explaining to me last night that she felt ripped off the other day when all I posted was the ad with the kittens so I'm trying to make sure I post something worthy and original everyday - thus the reason I've opted against tracksuit pants and I've brought out my lovely Kerry Grimm cape. Its made from the most soft delicious leather which is gorgeous on the skin and obviously my Mollini heels are getting another feature but thats just for the purpose of the photo. 
Im working on another DIY project this week, its all about fringing! 

leather cape, Kerry Grimm
singlet, H&M
denim shorts, second-hand
heels, mollini


AlicePleasance said...

Wonderful cape and heels too! I can't wait for the new DIY project :-)

emma said...

the cape is amazing! btw this is blackpeace.lj :)

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you came by my blog, i wouldn't otherwise get to know about yours :) great fashion shots and beautiful aussie background :)

dapper kid said...

Oh wow that cape looks fantastic! And I adore the shoes :)

jaime said...

aww thank you sweetie! oh goodness you are gorgeous gorgeous!

Zoë said...

this outfit looks stunning on you!
such a beautiful cape.

stylemagnet said...

Zanita, that cape is gorgeous! And yay for DIY :)

Anonymous said...

your style is fabulousssss
wanna link?

Lisa said...


love the detailing.

oh my. no need to thank me at all.
it is all true + you truly do deserve all the praise!

ah. you have me itching to do diy.
i am not skilled in that area---
at all so maybe i will start by marinating some old jeans in some bleach ?

thanks for the insider music.
i have been listening to the new stars--sad robot.
i love music sooo much.
ah- if only we could link i-pods:)
do you workout to the same?

enjoy the start of your week.


ps- the bf is pure sweetness + tall + older than me (8yrs) + has a super nerdy profession + is WAY too shy.

Maria C said...

omg i love the cape, it is gorgeous!

STARR said...

Your photos are amazing!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm definitely going to link to yours <3

anya said...

I love the detail on that cape

Katoushka said...

the cape and the shoes are amazing. i have been really wanting a cape as of late and now i want one even more!

On Track said...

I love that cape, it would be such a great addition to add some fun to so many outfits like dresses and tshirts :)

PUG and PIPS said...

I have those heels! Mollini is so reasonably priced.
love the cap too

laura xx

Ms Unreliable said...

Love the cape! The shorts are adorable too, but I definitely don't have the legs to get away with shorts, so I shall just look on with envy :)

esther said...

you're so gorgeous! i just love your shoes.

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