Kooky Girl


Few things to do today, and I'm dressing primarily for comfort. I wouldn't even post this outfit but I think the jacket it definitely worth a mention, its by Shakuhachi, the same label as my belt 'crown'.
Im in a very kooky mood, loads of energy, three coffees too many this morning!
I've done a DIY job on a really old pair of Zimmerman jeans (sacrilege!) and I'll post up the results soon for you all to enjoy.

jacket, Shakuhachi
shorts, Just Jeans,
Singlet, vintage
pendant, vintage
shoes, Topshop


AlicePleasance said...

The jacket is really niceand I can't wait for the new DIY project!

Susie Q said...

I agree I love the jacket. Shakuhachi does some really awesome stuff

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