The Hunted

So today I had my picture snapped at Bondi beach by the fabulous facehunter!!!
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anya said...

Oh you look so gorgeous, and that colour really suits you! The sass&bide sale was really good, i expected it to be alot worse, they had 6 tables of 30$ jeans. I'm not a fan myself but girls were going crazy. There are also alot of 30$ tops and things that are down from 150$. You should pop by if you geta chance, if not for the clothes then definitly to laugh at all the people going crazy!

Lady Melbourne said...

Congrats! One of my friends here hung out with him, you should check out fashion hayley hits home for all her patying ways.
I'll add you to my reading list as well.

AlicePleasance said...

Congrats! You look great and I adore that hat :-)

Kaamiye said...

Hi Zanita, I'm Camille from France, i've discovered your blog on Facehunter lately, and i wanted to say that i find your style and blog and pictures really refreshing and cool !
Are you from Sydney ?

Anyway, i really like your style so i might be reading it quite often from now on. :D

Kimandra - clothing and accessories

stunnig... great pictures, amazing model and an adorable coat

please come visit us on our blog and tell us what you think

hope you like it

best, kimandra

Lisa said...


i love the color blocking of the hat + coat + chucks.

you are glowing.

i REALLY want to come to aussie.
badly! I've always wanted to live there.
i am buggin' the BF to move there ;)...

love the polaroids below.
that bowtie is insane.

how are the blisters girl?
i was supposed to do a triathlon- just the running portion at the end of the month- but now with my injury it looks unlikely. i have not done anything for weeks. (!!!)
only yoga. argh.

hope you are well.


Igor+andré said...

wow yes! how fun is that?!
so awesome!

oh p.s. you might need to check the see more link.
it has two http:// at the start. :)

Anonymous said...

My name is Victoria, I'm from Sweden. Found you on Facehunter, just wanted to stop by and say you're very beautifull and I love your style! Are you australian? Am thinking of going there to study fashion design or art. Is it as wonderfull as they say?

Love Vickie

Maria C said...

Awesome shot.
lovely outfit by the way.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Wow, thank you. She is beautiful! What a compliment.... :D

Such great photos of you on the beach. I love it. You look amazing here.


jaime said...

oh my goodness. i am in LOVE with you and your blog! you are such a gorgeous gorgeous girl :)

littlemolly said...

OMG that was you!! Amazing picture. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I've added you to my links. Have a lovely weekend. xx

Sweet Things said...

ohhh i like this blog so much..

Merily said...

You look gorgeous here!

Hot Bot said...

You are gorgeous, girl! Congrats on being face hunted :)

Shini said...

loove it, I always wanted to meet the facehunter photographer since I live in London but looks like I never get the chance! Maybe I don't hang around in the right places heh you look gorgeous as always!!

Stompface said...

oohh that is the coolest thing in the world!

helen said...

love the outfit :)

Lasse Nord said...

Looks so casual and chic. I'm thiking Karen Blixen with a touch of parisian chic :-)

I like your blog, so I'll add you to our linklist, so feel free to take a look.

all the best

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