Engagement Party

I woke up early this morning and realised I hadn't chosen an outfit for the engagement party Evan and I are going to tonight. After pulling out everything in my wardrobe, stamping my foot and whining about having nothing to wear, I decided to just go with this vintage number I bought in Japan. Evan doesn't think its a good idea because the guests might be a little conservative but I'm probably going shopping after my casting today (yes a casting on saturday!) and maybe i'll find something better to wear.

hat, vintage
dress, vintage
shoes, mollini

1 comment:

Lisa said...


love this.
the hat adds that special touch!
i hope this is what you wore.
it is perfect for a E. party.

thanks for the b-day love girl.
you're such a star.

i hope you're having a wonderful weekend.


ps- you must write a list of some of your favorite bands ;)

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