DIY Styled

So i finished up my DIY singlet yesterday, and now its all dried out and styled up. Basically i cut out the sleeves and alot of the sides, cut out the neck and then also cut a sexy low back. The result is a baggy bit of elephant skin, because I dip dyed it black to grey, but i really like the effect.PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
To get the dip dye effect I used a small amount of dye and the same amount of salt, placed together in a bucket then i gradually added hot water. I dipped the bottom of the singlet in the concentrated dye and let it sit as the water filled the bucket, the dye becoming less and less concentrated, so the colour of the singlet became less intense at the top. When the water filled about two thirds of the bucket i submerged the entire singlet quickly, then pulled it out and gave it a quick rinse with water. I didn't get any instruction on using this method, i just gave it a go and this is how it turned out. For some reason there are rust-like spots all over the singlet, which may or may not wash out, but i like it either way. The singlet definitely needs to be handwashed because of the nature of the chains, as you can see I added a few more since i posted the last DIY method.
The outfit I originally styled with the socks, but then I decided they looked a little ridiculous so i gave them the boot.

shorts, Blue Asphalt
tank top, Target
arm sleeve stocking, from thailand
DIY singlet, Bonds
heels, Mollini


vogue said...

thankyou hun! this singlet is amazing, very creative! who do you model with what agency? i see we both live in syd :) xx

Stompface said...

freakin' awesome diy. Looks hot as.

Well done miss!

anya said...

Hey sweetiesm thanks for the kind words! I was actually skimming your blog this morning before my exam, you have amazing style, I've been following your chictopia and didnt know you had a blog! I really love your style! Ill link you on my blog if thats ok :)

and I realy love this singlet, I definitly want to try those chains!

vogue said...

yes totally agree with u there@ what are viviens like..strict with height? im only 170cm :S never really thought bout it but ppl tell me everyday that i should be doing it so thinking i might try! i think im more commercial so dont no what agency. yeah im @ pacific advertising production on marie claire,famous,home beaut & then controlling on bride to be so im always flat out :) xx

diamondsinchampagne said...

Omg it looks awesome, very talented

Don't Be A Hero said...

so, I freakin love your blog, and thanks for your most lovely comment

wanna trade links?

The Clothes Horse said...

That's a really fun shirt. Really nice work.

Anonymous said...

I commented this on chictopia, but I'llsay it again. You did an awesome job with that top!

I love your blog, do you mind if I link you?

vogue said...

aww thanks heaps for all of that! yeah ive never really tried because i need full time work and then it makes it hard to go to castings! do you get paid really well in it?ill let you know how i go! yes definately let me know when your at pacific next and ill come say hi :)

Bettina said...

Gosh! I love this! Especially the shoes :) Where are they from?? You look great:)

Val said...

oh my this is amazing. What was the composition of the top? Do you think I could achieve the same effect with a cotton shirt?

Bettina said...

Thanks! I'll try to figure it out! I just love them :)
Keep the outfit posts coming!

riss said...

That looks amazing! I love the wide arm holes. def see elephant qualities too. Thanks for the comment on my Tallulah Morton Post, she would still be the mysterious cobra snake girl to me otherwise. Do you want to be my first follower who isnt my best friend too? I would be honored to have you!

xx riss

Anonymous said...

The first pic is amazing. You look beautiful Zan. Can I call you Zan?
Thanks for your words on my words x peace babe

meghan said...

where do you get dye? will it work on a cotton t shirt? i love your blog and your chictopia btw


Zanita said...

I used Dylon machine wash dye...sounds like a comic book hero. DYLON here to save the day!!!

Lisa said...


ah. i have not been able to comment for days now as everytime i tried the word verification would not let me through! :(


but yay. everything is good today.

LOVE this girl.
i definitely need to try some diy.
i am such lazybones.
you have provided me with inspiration.

hope you are well girlll.


Anonymous said...

this diy is amazing, i want to make one

Miss BeeNi said...

Hey I wanted to know what kind of Mollini shoes they were. Very sexy shoes! They look amazing on you.

Very well done with these pictures!

Coco said...

That is actually the best DIY I've ever seen. (I like it with socks!)

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