DIY Jeans

So here are the Zimmerman jeans that I DIY dyed and hemmed. I've had these jeans for ages and I bought them at a Vintage boutique, they've always been too long for me so I finally cut the bottom off and frayed it slightly by pulling and rubbing the threads. The method I  used to dye it was pretty similar to how I did the singlet except this time I wanted a patchy effect so I more or less splashed the jeans in the dye. The lighter colours are the actual colour of the denim so they are patches that I missed. If you were to try this out and accidently over dyed areas of the fabric, splashing a bit of bleach will create a nice contrast effect. I may still adjust these, the ankle ruching proves a little problematic plus its summer and I have loads of jeans - I could use a new pair of shorts.

jeans, Zimmerman
lace and cotton shirt, H&M
sunglasses, LeSpecs
heels, bought at markets in Shanghai


AlicePleasance said...

Beautiful results! The singlet too is to die for :-)

Ana said...

I saw your blog on Teen Vogue forums and have to say, your style is great! I'm adding you to my link list.

janettaylor said...

Beautiful tie-dye trousers! Adorable! You are beautiful!

Have a great weekend!

xoxo: Janet

Kirke said...

So nice!

Igor+andré said...

thanks Zanita,
i had a great weekend thanks!
you? I added you to my blog roll too. :)
have a ggreat day.

Anonymous said...

absolutely love that black lace top!

La C

♥ fashion chalet said...

That lace top is divine. Have been craving some lace for a while now. Lovely! =) As for your questions; (1) yes Miami is still quite warm, but luckily today cooled off a bit for us! :) (2) My favorite Stylist of the moment? I would have to say Kate Lanphear for ELLE magazine! Thanks for stopping blog.. <333

Stompface said...

That black lacy shirt is perfection!

Love the jeans, you are the DIY queen. They kind of match the clouds!


ryder said...

super hot. i have to present u as a new face on PR. is that ok?

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