DIY Fringing

Heres the result of my DIY fringing, obviously not rocket science, I've just hand sewn the black fringing I bought from Lincraft around the collar of this Kookai long sleeve shirt. I'm so happy with the result though! I've teamed it with my drop crotch/harem pants I bought in thailand - they aren't quite like the Comme de Garcons I've been craving but theres no H&M in Oz so they'll have to do.
Its great having this location near my apartment to shoot for my blog, theres never anyone around so I don't feel self conscious about posing with the timer and the sky always looks great. 

To go around the entire neckline I purchased a metre of black fringing, which cost about $15 dollars. One thing to remember when hand sewing is to make sure the edge of the fringing overlaps over the edge of the shirt so as to have a clean line around the collar. I'm also going to be hand-washing this shirt (argh!) as the fringing is at risk of getting in nasty tangles, its quite delicate.
 Sorry my photos aren't any clearer I'm using my little Sony cybershot.

shirt, Kookai
fringing, Lincraft
harem pants, Bangkok markets
booties, Mollini


stylemagnet said...

Ah, Zanita the fringe is to die for! As are those PANTS :)

<3 Sara

Anna Shapiro said...

Thats an amazing top, and your gorgeous!

Would you like to trade links?

Stompface said...

ohh fringing beauty.

Amazingly cool idea, you look lovely. I agree about the photo spot being a great one!


AlicePleasance said...

This is really cool!

Sunshine said...

Very cool idea!
It looks great!


Anonymous said...

beautiful beautiful!
i love your diy projects :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful beautiful!
i love your diy projects :)

jaime said...

oh i love it! ah such a great idea! i love the black and pastel pink together :)

Maria C said...

Zanita, that's so cool :)

Let's swap links?

cleo said...

its one of my future project:D
im thinkin on gloves too:))
lovely xoxox

nepalese_princess said...

haha..i have the EXACT same harem pants..my grandmother sent it to me from Nepal,,and well in Nepal, most of the clothes are imported from Thailand..so no wonder.

yeah,,it gets dirty quickly, its very stretchy and the bottom part is elastic type na?
i still like it. grandmothers are the best.

Lisa said...


this is WAYCOOL.

i seriously love it.
+ i can sew by hand ( not machine ;) ) so this is totally doable.

i definitely think i got the diy bug.
i even mangled a shirt yesterday.
i am a diy monster now !!!

it is crazy, how much we have in common.
seriously girl. crazytown.
i totally have the dress in this style too. oh aa- they are just too wonderful.
imagine the two of us vintage hunting together ? bliss.

HOW was bikram??? you will love it.
since being injured and being a lazy butt, it is all i am able to do. i know you will rock it.
still can't run- still think it will be another few weeks - but i just have to listen to my bod.

YES, your portrait by Danny R. is amazing Zanita, i would shed tears.



ps- e-mail coming... ;)

Anonymous said...

ahh i love it this fring on a plain white james perse tee mmm im making one thanks you for the inspiration you are lovely

♥ fashion chalet said...

You ARE Serena van der Woodsen!! ♥ (of course, 100 million times prettier than Blake Lively!)


miky said...

this is osom!

bittersweet life said...

I love this look! I might give it a try :)

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