Bright Red

I wore this simple ensemble today for a few castings around the city. The dress has great v neck and back and an A line skirt. I love the jacket because its the brightest orange red and has that great boxy cut like the chanel suits jacket. You can probably notice by now that I love to combine bright red pieces with black or white, i think its a great way to perk up a plainer look.

jacket, vintage
dress, vintage
shoes, Marc Jacobs,
bag, vintage


Lisa said...


ah you are simply stunning.
seriously now.

and your legs.
um. perfect!

oh and the MJ'S.

* i can't seem to get to that youtube link :( .

* oh my send all the music info you like! i <3 new music to the fullest.

i hope you're having a wonderful week of castings !


ps- love the bridal cover.
too precious.

thanks for all your sweetness!

bittersweet life said...

i love that jacket! looks amazing with the black dress. what a find :)

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