Boating Times

PhotobucketPhotobucketI had to get up early this morning because yesterday I stupidly left my phone at a friends house where it takes me an hour to get to using the old PT (public transport) so I made the most of the opportunity and took an outfit photo on the beach.  I have heels with me because I'm having a day of castings (I always change my shoes for them) but I think it seems a little ridiculous to stand in the sand in them so sandals it is. I definitely had the S/S 09 D&G show in mind when I chose this outfit - this just my version of the trend... now if only I had those strappy platforms...

shorts, vintage
sandals, vintage
scarf (worn in hair), vintage


In-tree-gue said...

this outfit is lovely

Stompface said...

Ohhh I love sailor style outfits! You look like such a model, possibly because you are a model!

and yes, how good is freo, I love those sunny days just wandering around there. How long since you've been in WA?

I really enjoyed The Wackness, I would recommend it for sure, it seems we have identical tastes so I'm sure you would love it too.

Oh and yes Dexter, the obsession is unhealthy, I have almost finished season one now.

oh and thanks for the lovely comment about the drawing, I actually did draw the current heading. And I illustrated a childrens book my brother wrote a few months ago. I would love to write a childrens book, but knowing me it would end up quite twisted.

All my comments are wayy too long, damn my touchtyping.


I am Dane. said...

You look gorgeous. I love this little blog of yours already.

anya said...

Hey sweetie! I love Zomp as well, its got some awsome shoes. Id love to go shoe shopping with you, I need more money as well though, must do a little christmas work.

You look lovely in stripes.

janettaylor said...

Lovely outfit! Vintage short is cute...

Lady Melbourne said...

Hello there, wonderful blog you have here, thank you for stopping past my pages! If you would like to exchange links I'd be happy, I have no doubt your blog will shine once it gets some coverage.

Lisa said...


ok. you are simply radiating.
love the sailor ensemble.

5'11 glamazon.
i am 5'9 but still feel short!
oh my. your comments made me blush.
i've never done any "M"ing...
and now that i just turned 24 i'm afriad it is too late (retirement ages:) )... + i am way too shy + would never know how to even start or get into it ???.

my bf usually takes my pics too.
i have never done it by myself.
also I've never cropped? how do you do it?
i am such a computer dummy that it's silly.
i want to be able to do coolio collages.
i have to make it my mission to learn.

AHHHHHHHHHH i am seriously going to check out all that music.
i am afraid that with my exams i got into such a music rut. so i have nothing new to share!
but fear not i will let you know a bit...
i am always searching & now i have more time.
so i will let you know asap!

well girl- goodluck on all the castings. you will rock them.
sooo exciting.

hope you are having a beautiful monday!!!


i am linking you RIGHT NOW! i am sorry it has taken me so long!!!
love your bloggggggg.

stylemagnet said...

in response to your comment to me: where do you work? & i kind of wish i had an important job that i needed to dress up every day for. but i do like the flexibility of still being a student & getting to wear pretty much whatever i please ... either way, i guess it's okay :)

syd vicious said...

Beautiful picture! Love the outfit.

Allure said...

Cool ensemble!

Bettina said...

I tagged you. You can choose whether you want to pay it forward or not, but it opens the blog community to readers, yourself and others.

Have a look and decide if you want to continue the work:

Anonymous said...

loooooove your blog.

Daphne said...

i loooooove thissss!!

Anonymous said...



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