Staring at the packets of studs that arrived in the mail this morning I couldn't resist getting stuck into an evening project for my blog. I just have too many ideas buzzing in my head! Its so simple to do anyway - all you need is some bleach and studs, a pair of scissors, some jeans and a cheese grater.

Cut the jeans off at the length you need and then pick at the cut edges, pulling the threads away from the hem as much as you can. Once this is done bunch the edge up in your hand and rub it along the roughest edge of the cheese grater so to pull and fray the edge further. When you wash the shorts the ends will fray even further still.
After reading different bloggers experiences with bleaching denim I gained the impression that bleach took a little while to affect the colour of the denim so I squirted undiluted bleach inconsistantly all over the cutoffs and checked it after 10 minutes only to discover completely white lines all over the denim. I obviously had to be fine with this and after giving them a machine wash and dry I just attached the studs along the pockets. I used black English punk style studs bought from here. I first studded the collar of this bird print jumper thats been in my wardrobe for years just to get some practice in before I tried out some more important items.
Apologies for the inconsistency of these photos, I've no idea how there is one with blue sky and the rest is overcast, considering I went outside for a 15 minute period to shoot them. It was really windy and my camera kept falling over while I was waiting for the frustrating! Anyway blurry and overexposed pics aside, Im really happy with the result of these bleached and studded denim shorts.

cutoff shorts, Vintage Levis from Balmain markets
NYC shirt, second hand
leather jacket, S&G
bird jumper, H&M
green boots, H&M


Mariëlle said...

Yay! I love it when I discover a blog by someone with truly amazing style! Especially those photos taken by facehunter are gorgeous!

Would you like to exchange links?

AlicePleasance said...

I like a lot this bleaching technique and the shorts turned out really cool!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Love the title,
Love the shorts,
Love your look..

to quote you ...

"Covetations!" :)


cleo said...

i must try that in summer!!!will be a good outfit for europe trip:D

Miranda said...

hehe i just came upon your blog
and i was going to comment that you're so pretty and skinny you look like a model
and then i realized that you are
<3 you're really beautiful and photogenic. and your style is very nice as well :)

Lisa said...


yours are so HOT with the studs.

and they aren't even normal studs.
they are EXTRA spike-y.
love that.

they blow mine away !!!


Anonymous said...

i love your blog!!! i can't wait ti try out all of your DIY projects. you DIY chain shirt i really need to make

i'm adding u to my blog list


Susanna-Cole said...

Oh great bleaching DIY! May have to try it myself! And your shorts, as well as your whole outfit look fabulous! :)

And thanks for your sweet comment as well, want to exchange links? :)


Lleander said...

That would be the coolest shorts ever. I just recently discovered your blog, but I'll definately come back!

Anonymous said...

I am obsessed with your style. I agree with Marielle, it's rare to discover a blog (and a prolific one at that) of someone with truly exceptional personal style.

OBsessed. I want you to become a designer!!! I want to order things from you!!! haha xoxoxo

PUG and PIPS said...

hello, can you tell me how you actually stud the denim? do you just push each one through with your hands or make holes first? is the metal hard to work with??

thanks, Laura x

maisie #1 and #2 said...

fabulous shorts. we love your blog, just letting you know that we put you in our blog roll! xo

fashionchronicles said...

loved the result!!!!
you look awesome with those shorts!!! :)
i'm so doing that...

Anonymous said...

I love your DIY projects! You make it look so much easier and less complicated than the usual tutorial people who have years of experience and then go and say "don't worry it's really easy!" (plus usually those DIY things end up looking like DIY projects and not like fashion). I think I'll have to try the bleaching sometime, or dying, and definitely the fringe...

<3 Nina

Wednesday, Juliet, India said...

I love the look! But I tried the bleaching technique and I failed miserably lol... an kind of destroyed the jeans:) oops

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