Im trying to fix this problem - my pics will be back soon I promise!


Zipper Blue

Today is Saturday so its nice to dress in something simple. Im just about to head out to buy some groceries and I'm wearing my Vintage denim zipper dress. Loving anything zippy lately - particularly on this little Preen number.
I have some creative plans for my Sunday post so be sure to check in.

denim zip dress, Vintage
yellow heels - not sure where these are from, i got them free at a job! 


Times Two

My stunning friend Brittany came and collected me for our afternoon of casting, she looks so fabulous I couldn't pass up snapping a picture of her outfit. 
Its cloudy and rainy again! I want some sunshine so I can have a bit more variation in my pics....

shirt, Hussy
grey blazer, Primark
DIY cutoff Levis
pendant, stolen girlfriends
heels, from Zomp

trousers, Scanlan & Theodore (fantastic aussie label!)
singlet, Kookai
top, French Connection
Boots, Sandler

P.S. Heres a video of Brit on Gok's Fashion fix, she's the hottie in the pink - she knows Alexa Chung!




Staring at the packets of studs that arrived in the mail this morning I couldn't resist getting stuck into an evening project for my blog. I just have too many ideas buzzing in my head! Its so simple to do anyway - all you need is some bleach and studs, a pair of scissors, some jeans and a cheese grater.

Cut the jeans off at the length you need and then pick at the cut edges, pulling the threads away from the hem as much as you can. Once this is done bunch the edge up in your hand and rub it along the roughest edge of the cheese grater so to pull and fray the edge further. When you wash the shorts the ends will fray even further still.
After reading different bloggers experiences with bleaching denim I gained the impression that bleach took a little while to affect the colour of the denim so I squirted undiluted bleach inconsistantly all over the cutoffs and checked it after 10 minutes only to discover completely white lines all over the denim. I obviously had to be fine with this and after giving them a machine wash and dry I just attached the studs along the pockets. I used black English punk style studs bought from here. I first studded the collar of this bird print jumper thats been in my wardrobe for years just to get some practice in before I tried out some more important items.
Apologies for the inconsistency of these photos, I've no idea how there is one with blue sky and the rest is overcast, considering I went outside for a 15 minute period to shoot them. It was really windy and my camera kept falling over while I was waiting for the frustrating! Anyway blurry and overexposed pics aside, Im really happy with the result of these bleached and studded denim shorts.

cutoff shorts, Vintage Levis from Balmain markets
NYC shirt, second hand
leather jacket, S&G
bird jumper, H&M
green boots, H&M

Up Down

Busy morning today, I woke super early and went to the gym with a friend and then had to race home to ready for my fitting in North Sydney. I'm wearing an outrageous 11 outfits for one show! I'm sure i'll feel like I've run around the block a few times by the end of it - you really do expend loads of energy strutting up and down and changing all those times. Shows are still the most social kind of job you can do as a model so I'm certainly not complaining.
Heres an example of how I always wear heels for castings and carry flats to change into for walking the rest of the day. The beaded neck piece is actually a belt but looks totally bizarre when worn around the waist.  I love it though - it always give a summer ensemble that little extra something. Now I should be making the most of today and heading to the beach but its just so hot sitting on the bus...

Also I'm really on a roll with the DIY - about to embark on a new project involving STUDDING!

beaded belt (worn as necklace), Capital L
cardigan, Witchery
grey shirt, Funkulo
cutoff shorts, vintage Levis
heels, Nine West
shoes, Topshop
straw hat, Balinese markets


More Clouds

So damn cloudy today I'm not inspired to wear any colour. I've been poring over pictures of Kate Lamphear lately so today I've dusted off my tailored jacket I had made in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Its a really nice quality and fits me perfectly but my one regret I have when I was getting it tailored - I wish I made it longer.  The grey ballerina dress is completely Chloe Sevigny inspired, such a great style.
wool blazer, tailored
silk shirt, hussy
boots, vintage
'your french won't save you now' pendant, Stolen Girlfriends Club Feature

PhotobucketPhotobucketThe pic above is another featured on the facehunter, definately not as strong as my first shot (I needed to be wearing my black zipper mini with this shirt but I couldnt find it) but I'm so flattered to be considered again. Thanks Yvan!
Ever since I began my blog I've been following and wishing and hoping they would feature me on the site amongst the creme de le creme of style blogs... and my dream came true! This morning I received an email from Maki letting me know that I'm now on the roll. I'm really having a great week this week aren't i? Maybe tomorrow Prada will call and let me know about my upcoming booking.... (when pigs grow wings!!!)


DIY Fringing

Heres the result of my DIY fringing, obviously not rocket science, I've just hand sewn the black fringing I bought from Lincraft around the collar of this Kookai long sleeve shirt. I'm so happy with the result though! I've teamed it with my drop crotch/harem pants I bought in thailand - they aren't quite like the Comme de Garcons I've been craving but theres no H&M in Oz so they'll have to do.
Its great having this location near my apartment to shoot for my blog, theres never anyone around so I don't feel self conscious about posing with the timer and the sky always looks great. 

To go around the entire neckline I purchased a metre of black fringing, which cost about $15 dollars. One thing to remember when hand sewing is to make sure the edge of the fringing overlaps over the edge of the shirt so as to have a clean line around the collar. I'm also going to be hand-washing this shirt (argh!) as the fringing is at risk of getting in nasty tangles, its quite delicate.
 Sorry my photos aren't any clearer I'm using my little Sony cybershot.

shirt, Kookai
fringing, Lincraft
harem pants, Bangkok markets
booties, Mollini



My heart almost busted out of my chest when I received this drawing in my inbox today from Danny at Igor and Andre. I'm so flattered to be portrayed by such a brilliant, talented artist. Im sure that Danny is at the cusp of great things, hoping to see him play a major role in a merge between fashion and art (i.e. italian vogue cover) very soon!!!

If you have never visited his blog then please do, its a guaranteed inspiration. 

Test Shoots

One of the most important things you need when first starting to model is a portfolio with some images in it and the way you get these is by doing test shoots. A test with a good photographer and makeup artist can sometimes be expensive but it usually pays off in pretty good time. In places like London, New York etc you don't really have to pay for a good test, the model gets photos in exchange for her/his time with the photographer. Most free tests I've done have produced nice photos but for them to put into my portfolio they need to be really really good - its better to have only 2 great shots in a portfolio than 2 great ones and 10 average ones. This is a photo from a test I did recently, I haven't taken it into my agency yet so I'm not sure if they'll want it in my portfolio, but I thought would be interesting for my blog. The pose is a little contrived but I love the dreamy colours and the bleach style denim jacket. Photobucket


Lady Cape

I've had a gorgeous weekend filled with social engagements and not enough sleep. Today is the perfect lazy sunday, probably going to find the time to read in the sun - at the moment I'm into some Anne Rice, and to watch some funny movies with green tea and chocolate. My fabulous friend Resh was explaining to me last night that she felt ripped off the other day when all I posted was the ad with the kittens so I'm trying to make sure I post something worthy and original everyday - thus the reason I've opted against tracksuit pants and I've brought out my lovely Kerry Grimm cape. Its made from the most soft delicious leather which is gorgeous on the skin and obviously my Mollini heels are getting another feature but thats just for the purpose of the photo. 
Im working on another DIY project this week, its all about fringing! 

leather cape, Kerry Grimm
singlet, H&M
denim shorts, second-hand
heels, mollini


PonyRyder Love!

Today I'm very excited because I've been featured on Pony Ryder as a new face! I've always been a follower of the blog and its such an honour to be interviewed and receive the praises of such a brilliant eye for talent. To see my interview click here
I love PonyRyder!!!


So in today the sun is shining, then its not, then it is again, and then its not... considering this crazy spate of unusual weather we've been having in Sydney I've accommodated for all conditions  (rain or sun!) and worn this vintage Byblos one piece - such a fabulous find. As you can probably tell I'm in a very good mood!

one piece swimsuit, vintage Byblos
cutoff shorts, vintage Levis
sequin shoes, Palm beach shoes
chain necklace (worn as bracelet), second-hand

Also a BIG thankyou to Maria at Raver_Ria for her mention of me on her gorgeous blog. Your support means so much to me! 


The Hunted

So today I had my picture snapped at Bondi beach by the fabulous facehunter!!!
Click here for more!

Much Better

I cant wait for London!!!

Simple Looks

PhotobucketThis is what I wore after leaving the gym this morning, the belt is the silver version of the one I wore as a crown in posts previous. Pretty simple ensemble, had originally decided not to post a picture but then I was going through the shots and decided image was worth a mention, with the sunlight on the hair and all. I look like I'm thinking about something important too... poser! Occupational hazard of course.
I embarked on a little project this afternoon with a certain blogger who many of you might know, if it eventuates into something interesting I'll be sure to post about it.

singlet, H&M
shorts, vintage Levi cuttoffs
belt, Shakuhachi


Kitten Ad

My new favourite ad. Some of the things these advertising agencies come up with...funny and brilliant.

the polaroids

So I woke up this morning to find a comment from Pony Ryder requesting a put up some polaroids on my blog. They aren't the most interesting polaroids because I didnt use my polaroid camera - which always gives them that dreamy quality. I haven't had any taken in the last month so I've cheated a little and taken some from about three months ago that I had still in my outbox of my email. My mum actually took these for me at our home in WA. Thanks mum!
I might email my agency in London and see if they'll send me the polaroids they took of me whilst I was there last since they are much cooler looking. A few people have asked me my height and just to clarify I'm actually 5'11. 



Morning Outfit

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketSo here's what I threw on for this mornings casting, I'm sort-of referencing Balenciaga f/w 07 with the jacket and I have to apologise for once again wearing the same heels, its just they are so comfortable and the only summer pair I have that slightly co-ordinates with this ensemble (but they don't really!!). Im in desperate need of footwear but due to irregular income I may need to wait a little longer (or hope the heel fairy leaves a pair of YSLs under my pillow).
Hope you like the scenery - standing on a storm water drain - if you look carefully in one of the shots you can see a little of the harbour bridge...but its tiny.

jacket, vintage
singlet, vintage
levis cuttoffs, vintage
heels, mollini

Paying It

So I was tagged by the fabulous Bettina to list six unimportant things that I like.
The rules: 
1. Mention the person who tagged you
2. Make a list of 6 unimportant things you like
3. Tag 5 other blogs and notify them with a comment

1. Sunglasses.
 I think a huge part of why I love sunglasses is that my eyes are very sensitive to bright daylight. I wear sunglasses everyday but never buy anything other than vintage or inexpensive pairs because I lose them all the time, this year I've lost about 6 pairs already. I once had a great pair of Costume National sunglasses but I was so scared to lose them I never wore them. Needless to say, they went out of style and so I gave them to my mum.
2. YSL Touche Eclat.
 I think most fashionistas and beauty buffs will already understand the merits of using this product. The only other point I can add is that almost every make-up artist I've ever worked with uses it too, and believe me, there has been ALOT of them.
3. Edamame beans
Aka young soy beans, love their salty flavour and that little method you use to get the beans out of the pod, they make for great TV munchies. 
4. Saunas/Steam Rooms. 
In the gym I go to its not compulsory to get in the nude (im such a prude) so I love sitting in the heat after a workout. Whenever I go my skin glows for the next few days from all the cleansing. Very helpful for castings to have a nice complexion so I try to make regular visits.
5. My Ipod.
I probably should have put this at number one considering I have an unhealthy passion for my little black precious. At the moment I have 5000 songs on it but im always searching for more. If I ever lost it would feel like I lost a part of myself.
My one-stop shop every show season, my boyfriend hates it because he says it take up way too much of my time but there nothing that will stop me from poring over the new uploaded shows everyday...And then comes all the editorials with the new designs and girls. AMAZING.

And then I tagged the very wonderful you're so fetch     hannah couture     little miss dress up    fashion disciple  and   chiclash



Boating Times

PhotobucketPhotobucketI had to get up early this morning because yesterday I stupidly left my phone at a friends house where it takes me an hour to get to using the old PT (public transport) so I made the most of the opportunity and took an outfit photo on the beach.  I have heels with me because I'm having a day of castings (I always change my shoes for them) but I think it seems a little ridiculous to stand in the sand in them so sandals it is. I definitely had the S/S 09 D&G show in mind when I chose this outfit - this just my version of the trend... now if only I had those strappy platforms...

shorts, vintage
sandals, vintage
scarf (worn in hair), vintage


DIY Jeans

So here are the Zimmerman jeans that I DIY dyed and hemmed. I've had these jeans for ages and I bought them at a Vintage boutique, they've always been too long for me so I finally cut the bottom off and frayed it slightly by pulling and rubbing the threads. The method I  used to dye it was pretty similar to how I did the singlet except this time I wanted a patchy effect so I more or less splashed the jeans in the dye. The lighter colours are the actual colour of the denim so they are patches that I missed. If you were to try this out and accidently over dyed areas of the fabric, splashing a bit of bleach will create a nice contrast effect. I may still adjust these, the ankle ruching proves a little problematic plus its summer and I have loads of jeans - I could use a new pair of shorts.

jeans, Zimmerman
lace and cotton shirt, H&M
sunglasses, LeSpecs
heels, bought at markets in Shanghai

Pool Mania

So my Saturday escapades began with a sojourn to the new pool at the Ivy in the city. Such a glam location! Perhaps I wasn't properly attired for a pool function (with my safari inspiration!) but the rest of the night took to me to darling harbour, then oxford st, then kings cross - so i was more than happy with my choice of dress. It drizzled all afternoon so I ended for with curly frizz as a hairstyle. 

leopard print dress (possibly a nightie), vintage
jacket, Shakuhachi
shoes, Martinique for Palm Beach shoes

Again I have to feature the stunning Susie, wearing this vintage Kimono and black body con dress. So sexy!

Susie Style


So my friend Susie is really one of my main sources for inspiration when it comes to fashion, shes  always so effortlessly chic. The other night I got so excited when I saw her wearing this all grey ensemble, I made her pose for my blog. I was wearing my silver trench so we combined fashion forces to come up with this look. I love the fur headband and fabulous heels. 
Aim for this week, come up with an outfit thats all one colour - other than black or white. Thinking maybe green or pink or... nude! We shall see.

Meet George

So I had a fun night on Friday playing Buzz at Resh's place with the girls, drinking champagne and playing with the adorable four month old King Charles cavalier puppy that my friend Ratula was babysitting for the weekend. He was so lovable and sweet...until he peed on the carpet.... but who can really stay annoyed at such a darling little puppy? 
I love the little juxtaposition in this photo. Cats and Dogs.

shirt dress, from Felt

Also, BIG thankyou to the guys at for the post re: my blog
Feeling the love, very flattered


She Wore

So heres the dress I wore to castings today, Kate Moss for Topshop. Its a real head turner, especially because it's extremely short on me. Im actually wearing little shorts underneath because today is another very windy day in sydney - it was so hard to take these photos because my hair was constantly in my face and the skirt up at my chest!

dress, Kate Moss for Topshop (summer 08)
shoes, Mollini

Rachel Style

So in between castings today I caught up with my most fabulous friend Rachel for a coffee (or lemon, ginger and honey tea!) and a chat at Kawa in Surry Hills. Imagine my delight as I see her walking towards me in this terrific purple cotton jumpsuit. I forced her to pose for this picture because I really had to share!
Click Here