Stand By

This is yet another outfit I've arranged pre-road trip for blog fodder. I'm actually a little lost for inspiration as I've just returned from the beach, still feeling very lazy from all the eating and revelry of Christmas Day. It was so such a joy to hang out with all my extended family for the day, the weather was brilliant and we played bocce and badminton on the lawn and cricket out in the paddock. This season is so great for the soul! I also did awfully well on the presents front, plenty of great things to show off in my final weeks of summer and a slowcooker to make some delicious soups and curries.
I finally booked my ticket to London after much procrastination - I fly out of Sydney on the 8th of January, have a sleepover in Tokyo then onto London by the 9th. Its so soon! I need new warmer clothing!!!

The jacket shown is vintage and for some reason it reminds me of something inspired by the hermes s/s09 collection though there isnt anything that resembles it. I should have styled it with a cowboy hat and leather fringe mini!

jacket, vintage
shirt, H&M
beaded belt (worn as necklace), Capital L
leather sandals, vintage


Christmas Day

So Merry Christmas everyone! One of my favourite days of the year most certainly. My christmas involved huge quantities of food and family (my Mum has 10 siblings) and loads of love and laughter. This year is a first for me as I have my boy with me and his Mum meeting my whole outrageous family. I come from a farming background and my Mum's eight brothers and all their sons (there are many more men in my family than women) are very stereotypical Aussie guys with great accents and loads of colloquialisms. We have a ripper of a Chrissy with a barbie (BBQ) and a bit of spud and plenty of tinnies (Beers)!! AHAH!
I hope Santa bought you all exactly what you wanted and my friends in the Northern Hemisphere stay nice and cosy and my Southern friends - lets hope its not too sweltering!
Seasons greetings!!!!

My outfit - I went to the beach to take this photo before I left Sydney and never managed to post it. I love girly dressing!

tiered floral dress, vintage
shoes, topshop
cardigan, witchery
necklace, borrowed from Susie


Work Work

Alot of my modelling work is done with clients from all over the world and in most of these cases I never get to see the fruits of my labor. It's particularly hard to follow up work with clients from Asia because its tough to google them. I never remember the names of production companies and that kind of thing. If anyone has seen a Korean yoghurt commercial where A wife is looking for her husband 'bob' and finds him cheating with a cartoon yoghurt mistress (you'd understand if you've seen it) then please let me know!
My last days in Hamburg this year I snapped a few pics of myself in shop windows, mostly for the benefit of my Mum - who misses out on most happenings in my life. I miss you Mum!

Also here's a some shots of a campaign I did in Sydney, but never go to see because I was overseas!

Sorry about the bad quality!

Two more sleeps until Christmas!


The Destination

After four days of solid driving last night I finally arrived at my destination, my hometown of Esperance. Unfortunately I haven't managed to post any nice new outfit photos yet especially since while crossing the Nullabor I just wore boxer shorts and a tee (37 degrees C) and my parents internet/computer takes about 15 minutes to load a page - making checking comments an extremely time consuming and frustating task. I'm going to try and get a chance to get into town and use a library so I can reply and give a little more attention to my friends and readers who most thankfully haven't lost interest in what I have to share.

This is a photo my boyfriend took while we were crossing the Nullarbor, at one of the lookouts along the way. For those not familiar the Nullarbor is a vast treeless plain/desert extending along the south coast of Australia along the Great Australian Bight. The coastline is brutally rugged and completely stunning.

Thanks to everyone so much for sticking around and I hope you are all enjoying a well deserved Christmas break!

The Beach

I hate getting sunburnt so much. I once fell asleep in the sun when I was sixteen and almost needed to be hospitalised.... never again! Basically the skin on my chest was so badly burnt I had to wear ice-packs for three days and it flaked off about three layers in one go. Disgusting and painful... So now whenever Im off to the beach or out in the sun I need to have alot of cover-up and I'm certainly embracing a paler shade of skin. This kaftan is chic way to stay covered and comfortable in the sand. My friend Susie bought it for me in Marrakech - another destination on my 'must get to' list.
Tanning kills! Wear sunscreen!

Kaftan, Marrakech markets
sandals, sportgirl
gold bracelet, some shop in Sydney airport...


Disco Stylo

Automated post, outfit that I've worn once before, out to a club. Obviously Im not wearing it today - I don't think people appreciated bright purple spray on zipper pants in my home town as much as they would in Sydney. I love wearing bright colours, not many people do and claim they 'can't pull it off'. I say you can wear anything you like as long as you are feeling confident. Fashion should be about taking risks.
I think my New Years resolution might be just that, 'take more risks'.

pants, Jessie Hill
batwing sleeve top, Sportsgirl
shoes, Mollini


Spanish Adventures

This is an automated post as Im probably driving through the desert right now. Ive been scrambling to find material to fill up the next two weeks and for something a little different Ive decided to include a few holiday style pictures. In the last two years my work as enabled me to travel so some amazing places all over the world. I've been so incredibly blessed for these opportunities. When I was in highschool I went on two school 'excursions' to overseas destinations (thailand and new zealand) and ever since then I've made it a priority to travel.
Some of the countries I've been able to visit because of money I've earnt modeling and others have been courtesy of a client booking me for a job on location. This year I've had two job in Majorca, Spain - gorgeous place and friendly people but loads of tourists.
The first job I did was for Healthy Living magazine (Germany) I flew to Majorca just to do cover tests.

Early morning starts means breakfast on the run!

I stayed at an amazing townhouse in the village but the crew stayed here - incredible villa with swimming pool and everything, so beautiful.

Shooting at the beach...

the result!
The second time I flew to Majorca I was shooting a winter catalogue - and it was the height of summer! About 35C and wearing boots and knits... you gotta do what you gotta do! The first days shoot was held at a huge old spanish villas that was converted in a museum. I could imagine people living there 150 years ago, it was really magical... except the dungeon. It had instruments of torture in it. Very creepy.

Trying to keep in the shade, not that it made alot of difference.

My friend hayley sweating it out with me...

Hope this isn't too boring!


Fierce Winds

Trying to take pictures using a timer on a windy rooftop is no mean feat. While trying to snap these few shots I managed about ten with my underwear in full frontal view and five or so with hair directly in the air (in a completely bizarre way) and another ten of the sky (the camera kept blowing off the stool).
These little poses are my 'if you can't beat it, join it' looks. Go with the wind! Is it just me or does that first picture remind anyone else of Bono?

(photo, flickr)

Another simple ensemble which I wore to a casting yesterday. The t-shirt is made from the best material ever, soft and washes brilliantly. I bought it in Harajuku from NY Pop Culture Project, where they had all these great tees with contemporary artworks on them and even some by Terry Richardson. I live in t-shirts at home... I think I own about 40 of them.

tee, NY Pop Culture Project
skirt, American Apparel
boots, H&M


Sunset Delight

My boyfriend took these shots just as we were leaving for dinner last night at about 7.30pm. So much easier to get photos done when you dont have to keep running back for the timer! And the sunset light has produced a nice result. My boyfriend and I went on a double date with two of our closest friends at Ego in Potts Point and the food and wine was incredible. We really feasted, even ordering entrees - which i never do. I had salmon sashimi with fennel and orange salad and sesame crusted tuna with sauteed vegetable AND we were given a complimentary tempura zuchinni flower stuffed with buffolo mozzarella and basil oil. I'm salivating just thinking about it! The best part of the night was the view of the city as the sun was setting, we sat right in the window - glorious!

(photo, ego)

So back to my outfit - a fairly obvious combination of black blazer, black skirt and sheer blouse but i've worn the lace cardigan for a bit of a twist. I feel very elegant in this outfit! I bought the skirt last week and this is the first time I've had chance to wear it. If only I had some Givenchy wedge leather sandals....

(photo, net-a-porter)

blazer, tailored for me in Chiang Mai
blouse, Carla Zampatti
lace cardigan, vintage
skirt, American Apparel
heels, Melissa


Christmas Shopping

As Wednesday is the day my boyf and I leave for our cross continental road trip today I had get all the Xmas shopping done in the city today. Needless to say the place was manic. We were shuffling from store to store through the crowds and I felt so uninspired... Ended up buying everyone books (hopefully none of my family read this before Christmas Day!) which is always a safe bet. You really can't go wrong with the gift of a nice story.
My outfit today is pretty a simple dress, boots, scarf combination. The dress is by Elsom, a label by Australian designer Sam Elsom, its a gorgeous layered cotton a-line dress with pockets. I shot his lookbook awhile back and instead of payment I requested contra (clothes) because I loved his range so much. I have this brilliant hooded leather bomber which I'll be sure to feature in upcoming months.

dress, Elsom
boots, H&M
scarf, Primark


Market Day

Slightly wishing I slept in today instead of getting up for the markets, considering there was some kind of blunder when we arrived to set up and we had to wait for an hour before even getting a patch of schoolyard on which to set up the wares. We got the unlucky position located right next to the stenchy toilets and in the heat...Can't say I was really baiting in the customers. I've now learnt that having a market is alot like fishing, seems I didn't have a good enough lure to make a decent profit - i couldn't really bring myself to charge anyone more than 3 dollars for an item so I didn't enough make enough money to cover the copious amounts of delicious market food i ate... turkish gozleme, hungarian donuts, fresh lemonade....
Anyway most of the afternoon involved playing dress-ups with my friends. My friend Juno looked so good in my navy coat that I couldn't bare to put in back on the rack... in fact maybe I still need it myself.... We also managed to coerce Cian into wearing a skirt around the markets to harass his girlfriend. Good times.
Now I'm into my lazy Saturday afternoon sitting on my balcony watching the sunset over the city with champagne and card games - such a long hot day I think I deserve it!


Style Storm

Style Storm by zanitawho

These are a few things in my wardrobe in my "I live in New York and I do whatever I like" fantasy. I day dream about this quite alot. Hopefully if things go well for me on my next trip to Europe I'll be able to go to New York and find an agency. It could be so close!!!

On another note why won't it stop raining in Sydney? This is called coming into summer?!? Its cold today and now tomorrow its going to be 35. Not the best weather to be sitting in the hot hot heat at the Glebe markets... and it's going to be windy. Poo. I hope I meet a few fellow Sydney bloggettes!

Blousy Dancer

I have a casting this afternoon so I've decided to wear this blouse bodysuit (you'd understand if i took off the shorts, which im not going to do) that I bought from the Manly markets last weekend and my short shorts by Kate Hurst for Sportsgirl. I've noticed as a result of reviewing my blog posts that I'm really into feminine dressing, which is quite new for me because I've been into man-style for quite awhile. My style always evolves, I just take inspiration from anywhere so I could never predict what I'm going to be wearing by next season. I go with whatever makes me feel confident.
Probably headed to the Ksubi sale this afternoon too, hope I haven't missed out on all the good stuff already. I really want one of those silk technicolour tops - we shall see!

peach bodysuit, Sidney Ross
shorts, Kate Hurst for Sportsgirl
heels, Melissa (again!)

Meanwhile I'm in love with this Donna Karen bodysuit Elise Crombez is wearing in this editorial. Elise is also brilliant.

(courtesy of foto_decadent)
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